I have participated in many different projects, both as a part of my job and as a hobby. Please remember that when working on a commercial project, I usually sign a NDA, so some projects cannot be listed here.

Hosting account management system - front-end

Front-end for hosting account management system.

The front-end, called DevilWeb2 has been created using Django and jQuery.

The whole suite allows any customer of MyDevil.net to easily manage his hosting account (websites and dns zones, mail accounts, databases, ftp accounts and many more).

At the time of creating this page, DevilWeb2 is still the system MyDevil.net uses. It has proved itself to be fast, secure and has been many times acknowledged as the best, easiest to use web-based management system.

Python, Django, jQuery, MySQL, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, SASS

Hosting account management system - back-end

The back-end, called Devil2 is created in Python (Django Framework), and is the core that manages all services offered by the company. It uses a variety of solutions, including message queues, multi-threaded and multi-processing programming and a variety of libraries, ingluding PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

At the time of creating this page, Devil2 is widely used across all servers and services provided by MyDevil.net

Python, Django, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB

Finance CRM system

The biggest system I created during my work for MyDevil.net.

It is the essential utility that allows customers to order new services and pay for their current ones. It has been created using Python (Django framework), and integrates with many 3rd party services.

The CRM supports new and recurring payments, notifications, invoices and automatic account management (blocking, creation, etc). It also supports a variety of automatic, on-line payment systems.

Python, Django, jQuery, CSS, SCSS, Celery, PayU Integration, PayPal

MyDevil.net website

The homepage of the MyDevil.net hosting.

The website comes with a contact form, a blog and an offer, all fully customisable within the admin UI, with WYSIWYG.

There are various integrations in place, including integration with the Finance CRM, or with the management system.

Python, Django, HTML, CSS, SCSS, jQuery

Decernis gComply+ / SSO

gComply+ provides a governance process to manage the development of products.

It provides a "what-if" analysis and can be integrated with the client’s own policies.

gComply+ is a logic-based solution that links to the Decernis regulatory library to provide the authoritative source document supporting any conclusion. gComply+ integrates with the clients own systems.

It can be easily deployed as a remotely hosted system or as a module integrated with your product life cycle management ("PLM") system (e.g. Oracle, SAP, Siemens, SpecPage, etc.).

Python, Django, Flask, Angular, JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Jenkins, Selenium